The Ultimate easy to use (Assessment, Examination & Feedback Tool) System!
Queryz is a software and assessment tool that helps you create assessments to evaluate your employees' knowledge, skills, and performance. Whether you need to conduct exams, surveys, feedback sessions, or certification tests, Queryz has you covered.
With Queryz, you can create assessments with various question types, including multiple choice, short answer, essay, and more. You can also deliver assessments online or offline, on any device, with secure proctoring and anti-cheating features. Our software's powerful data visualization and reporting tools allow you to analyze assessment results and track performance over time. And our easy-to-use tools and features make it simple to manage and optimize your assessment process.
Queryz is used by thousands of customers across different industries and applications, such as education, training, HR, marketing, and more. Queryz helps you measure and improve your employees' performance, satisfaction, and retention.