Recroad revolutionizes the way organizations manage their recruitment process. Our comprehensive software streamlines the entire hiring journey, from sourcing and interviewing to onboarding new employees. 
Key Features
Pre Recruitment:
Easily source the best candidates for your open positions through our powerful search and match functionality.
Filtration & Shortlisting
Automate the screening process with advanced filtering options and customizable criteria, so you can quickly shortlist the most suitable candidates for your open roles.
Interviews Scheduling & Confirmations
Simplify the interview scheduling process and send automated confirmation messages to candidates and interviewers, ensuring a smooth and well-organized interview experience.
Interviews Process
Attendance & Queue Management
Efficiently manage candidate arrivals, monitor interview progress, and keep track of candidates in the queue using Recroad's intuitive interface.
Interviews Process
Conduct seamless interviews with our integrated video conferencing feature or in-person, while utilizing customizable interview templates and scoring options to evaluate candidates consistently.
Interview Assessment by Interviewers
Gather real-time feedback from interviewers and easily compare candidates with our user-friendly assessment tools, ensuring a fair and objective hiring decision.
Online Interviews
Leverage our secure and reliable online interview platform to conduct remote interviews, expanding your talent pool and making the hiring process more flexible.
Post-Interview Activities
HR Discussion and Offer after Interview
Streamline the post-interview process with automated HR discussions and offer generation, reducing the time it takes to extend an offer to your top candidates.
Receive Offer by Email
Candidates can conveniently receive, review, and accept job offers through email, improving their overall experience and impressing them with your organization's professionalism.
Pre-Employment Requirements
Easily manage and track the completion of all pre-employment requirements to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your new hires.
Submission of Required Documents
Enable candidates to securely submit all required documents through our platform, ensuring a hassle-free and organized onboarding experience.